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My paintings are intimate visual and visceral encounters with the body’s intensity and sensuality. Desiring to expand the consciousness of one’s corporeality, I use paint to shift the perception of what the body is and what it can become. 

The relationship between the body and the material is at the core of my work - whether working on large aluminium panels with thinned oil paint or thick oil pastels on paper. Layers of paint are poured, pulled, pushed and inscribed with accidental and deliberate marks as I transfigure the body into a dynamic material that slides between solid and fluid, representational and abstract. The fragments and close-ups of the body’s surface become signifiers of the bodily and emotional self that resist externally derived narrative, definition and categorisation. 

“Nothing is fixed. The pulse of existence, the heart of the universe, is fluid.” (Gloria E. Anzaldúa) 



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