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Ieva (b.1981) resides and works in London. Her painting practice is Influenced by her cultural background growing up in Post-Soviet Latvia and contemporary feminist writings. Viewing the female body as socially and culturally inscriptive surface, Ieva’s paintings contemplate the body's relationship with time, place and the ever-shifting sense of self.


Can we ever be free from the imprints of our past? What do we leave behind, what do we lose and what do we carry with us as we move through time?


By pouring, pushing and pulling thinned oil paint on aluminium or raw linen, Ieva’s paintings reveal the body as a porous and dynamic material, blurring the boundary between the past and presence, memory and reality. The fragments and close-up images celebrate heightened emotional and bodily presence. Immersed in a moment, feeling, absorbing and pulsating with its surroundings, the body strives to become, if only briefly, free. 


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