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May 2023  "Art on Postcard", Soho Revue, London

PV 2nd May 6-8pm

June - July 2023 "CORPUS", Hypha Studios, Hatton Gardens, London

PV 15 June 6-8pm


September 2022  "MA Show", City and Guilds of London Art School 

December 2021  "Night Creatures", Clapton Heart, London 

June 2019  "Changes", Studio/Gallery "Not Quite Ready," Seattle 

December 2018  "Europa, Helen, Ariadne", Studio/Gallery "Not Quite Ready," Seattle 

August 2017  “Psyche and Soma”, Plank Studios, Seattle 

March 2017  “Artists for Immigrants” at KEXP Studios Seattle 
March 2017  "Behind Shapes”, Hillman City Collaboratory, Seattle 

September 2016  “In-Sight”, Hillman City Collaboratory, Seattle 

May 2016  "KOH Atelier”, AXIS Gallery, Seattle



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