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Ieva was born in Latvia in 1981 and now resides and works in London. She recently graduated with MA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School with Distinction.  

It is the body with all its possibilities and limitations that fascinates Ieva. Growing up in Post-Soviet Latvia, Ieva saw that bodies, especially female bodies, had to be strong and resilient to withstand political, economic and cultural upheaval.  She also saw how fragile and scared these bodies were, trying to hold on to a sense of self. They carried marks and imprints from the past but exuded longing and desire for freedom and self-expression. 

By blurring the boundary between the paint and the body, Ieva aims to expand the body’s sensuality, pliability and resilience, and shift the perception of the female body and what it can become.


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